Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is There Room for More BOOM in Your Life?

By Amy Phillips-Gary

As we gear up for 4th of July picnics and fireworks, the news seems filled with the deaths of several famous folks.

On this celebratory time of the United States' “birthday,” it's an odd feeling for me to also be thinking about the passing on of people who were iconic as I grew up.

This amalgam of mourning and 4th of July revelry lead my thoughts to life itself. There are lots of unknowns and much we could choose to be fearful about.

At the same time, there is so much to appreciate and celebrate. Each and every moment can be infused with a sense of aliveness, passion and spark... if we choose.

In the midst of the sadness and fear you might encounter from time to time, I encourage us all to create space for more BOOM!

It is too common for people to fall into routines driven by responsibilities and lists of things we “have to” do. A life by default is not one fully lived.

Isn't it time to amp up your spark? Light the fuse and be part of the amazing colors and sounds streaking through the atmosphere!

Tap in and spread your spark around

Some of us aren't aware of what makes us feel alive. And I mean ALIVE! Energy is pumping, toes and fingers are tingling and absolutely bursting with vitality.

Think back to a time in your life when you felt even close to this description of aliveness. What were you doing? What was unique about those moments?

You probably don't want to live in the past, but you can be informed by it.

Experiment with activities and ways of interacting that helped you feel more vibrant and alive in the past. Use that as a starting point to discover new ways to tap into your spark.

Acknowledge any bit of vitality you can and nurture it by continuing to be, do and think in ways that help it grow.

One way to multiply the vitality you are starting to feel is to allow it to expand. Don't keep that spark all to yourself!

When you are with other people, don't hold back for fear they won't understand you. Fear of rejection is most certainly a way to dampen down the nascent spark you've tapped into.

Instead, be yourself and be as beautifully vibrant as you can be in this moment.

When you stay present and really listen and interact with others, you will not only nurture your own spark, you might just inspire theirs as well.

Go to your Source

As you might already be aware, that spark you feel when you do whatever it is you do and engage with those around you comes from within you and outside of you all at the same time.

The boom of being fully alive comes from the Universe, Source, God, Goddess, Spirit, Yahweh, and so on.

Depending on your spiritual path, the name you give to your Source and the specific beliefs you have about it will vary.

Regardless of your religious or spiritual path, there is available to all of us a deep and enduring energy that-- when we tap into it-- allows us to be fully alive.

Sometimes this is experienced as an all-encompassing peaceful calm and other times it is a charged electricity that runs throughout us. Still other times it is both of these or more.

If you are having a difficult time tapping into your spark, consider returning to your spiritual Source. It doesn't matter what name you give it, just open yourself up to touching in and beyond.

You might find meditation or prayer helpful as you connect with your Source. You could also sing, dance or go for a hike and get in touch with nature. Whatever means you find useful in transcending your everyday routine and busyness, try it.

And when you discover (or re-discover) a sense of spark, know you have connected with your Source. Practice returning to this state of aliveness regularly. Rely on this practice when you encounter difficulties or merely boredom.

Give thanks and appreciation for this gift and for your life. Just as we celebrate the lives of those celebrities who have moved on, celebrate your own life that's still in play as well as those around you.

Nurture your spark and color the world with all that you are and can be.


  1. Great post! You know, ironically you talk of people passing. And the 3rd of July is actually the anniversary of my dad's death, so the 4th of July holiday has always been a weird one for me. But great thoughts on being thankful for our life because it is so true!