Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun with Money

By Amy Phillips-Gary

In today's economy there aren't too many people connecting the word “fun” with the word “money.”

News headlines warily report the stock market numbers each day. Job cuts are still being made and plenty of folks are looking for employment that will adequately pay the bills.

A lot of belt-tightening is going on.

In such an environment, the focus tends to be on “getting by” rather than bounding into financial abundance and prosperity.

And, even in such an environment with a preponderance of fear and worry, it is absolutely essential that we identify our limiting beliefs about money, make shifts and open up to developing new ones that will support what we DO want rather than keep us stuck where we don't want to be.

Many, many people-- myself included-- habitually feel lack when it comes to their financial situations. Lack feelings contribute to people feeling helpless about money.

“Reality” and experience tend to match these feelings.

Money Beliefs

Beliefs are just thoughts that we practice-- a lot! We think similar thoughts over and over again. Pretty soon, they appear very solid, immovable and even irrefutable to us.

Money is a hot topic for many people. And, just like beliefs about other issues, our habitual thoughts about money become entrenched and appear to us as the “absolute truth.”

Lack Orientation

Beliefs start to take shape from a very early age. You might have grown up in a household where money was tight. The messages from your parents and other family members indicated to you that “funds are low” so “don't ask for too much.”

These messages and your thoughts about them solidified into beliefs that money is a limited resource-- this now seems to you to be an undeniable fact that is mirrored and reinforced in your own experience.

It can be a painful, debilitating cycle.

Perhaps it seems wildly unrealistic to you to consider an income or lifestyle that is outside a particular “comfort” range of what you've always known. This is primarily due to your money beliefs.

There's nothing wrong with remaining within the limits of your “comfort” zone-- as long as that's where you want to be.

If you'd like to expand your bank account and enjoy financial freedom, however, you might ask yourself if your lack constraints are really all that comfortable after all!

Money the Corrupter

On the other hand, you may associate wealth and financial abundance with corruption, greed, “selling out,” being “less spiritual,” or other descriptions that you deem negative.

Of course, there are examples of greed and corruption in the world.

But it is not the money that is responsible for apparent crookedness-- it is the actions of people who are usually motivated by fear, unhappiness and pain.

Money can be understood as just another form of energy and appreciation. It is an exchange between people that represents one party showing appreciation for services or a product.

There is an exchange of energy when money changes hands.

As you loosen up, relax and open up more and more to receiving and giving appreciation, a greater sense of flow with money can develop. And this can translate into greater financial abundance in your life.

This way of looking at money might be unappealing or seem like a huge stretch to you. This is only an example of a different perspective you might consider adopting.

What is most important here is for you to explore your money beliefs.

If, even on a sub-conscious level, you believe that to be wealthy is to be shady, exploitative or greedy, these beliefs are going to obstinately stand in your way-- of even minimal abundance.

Stay curious as you become clearer about how you think, feel and believe about money and don't get caught up in criticizing yourself or others in your life for helping to form these beliefs.

Learn what your beliefs are and then decide if you'd like to change them or not.

Be Free with Your Money

As you begin to change your money beliefs, you can ease up about money.

I'm not suggesting that you run out and max out your credit card at your favorite store. Make conscious choices about your financial actions just as you are beginning to do with your beliefs.

For example, with a positive mind-set, a budget can be a wonderful way to keep yourself pointed toward the financial future you'd like.

Remember that you always have choice. Make each of your money decisions from a feeling of empowerment, a clear vision for what you do want for your future and an overall sense of fun and joy.

From there, appreciation and abundance can continue to grow.


  1. Great article. I always have a love/hate relationship with money. But I no longer live beyond my means, and I no longer want for things I really don't want. So I'm a bit more free.

  2. Me, too, Kate. But still, money good. Money good. Money good. :)

  3. I love the re-thinking of money as not good or bad but as just energy. We each get to choose-- be at peace with where we are and what we want and do(or not). That kind of freedom delights me.